Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phunky times at the Gorge!

The Gorge was amazing. Phish was amazing. I had an amazing time.

This is the view from the lawn seats... not too shabby, eh? The depth of that canyon doesn't really come across in this photo from my cheap camera so well, but holy GOD was it stunning in real life when the sun set over that view! To the opening notes of Down with Disease, no less, as 25,000 hippies kicked off their shoes and grinned from ear to ear and got down and phunky with it...

One of the best moments of my life!

Vito & I with our TICKETS! So exciting!

Me & Kasey, walking from the camping area to the venue:

Sander and her g/f Rachel in front of our tent. Even the field that we camped in was clean, sweet, soft clover. This place couldn't possibly be any better.

Another view of the Gorge (with the Columbia River, which all the fishies that I'm currently studying have to swim up to get to our spot in Idaho!). People flocking to the stage before the show started on Saturday.

***a thousand barefoot children outside, dancing on my lawn!***

Highlights of the show:
The opening notes of Down with Disease as the sun set over the canyon
A SICK You Enjoy Myself, with Trey and Gordon jumping up and down and turning round and round in sync on mini trampolines while they played
Some classics - Fluffhead, Tweezer (&Reprise), Chalkdust Torture, a-capella Grind....
The funkiest, most upbeat second night ever!
Trey and Mike switching instruments in the middle of Makasupa Policeman without missing a beat
The trippiest, weirdest thing I've ever heard/seen in the middle of the last set... spacier than Pink Floyd, no lie
Sneakin' Sally Thru the Alley as I was slinkin' through the alley of Honey Buckets, dancing my ass off!
25-minute, high-octane Rock n Roll cover
Paige singing Robert Plant and sounding good!
Being there in the middle of it all with my friends!!!!


  1. Wow. I'm not even a Phish Phan but that looks like a great time. Glad you had Phun!

  2. The pictures are awesome. Just listened to the show on LIVEPHISH.COM and just like you said amazing. That venue has one of the best views of all the venues in the U.S.A. Keep the great updates rolling on in