Friday, April 17, 2009

... and the beat goes on

It's official: I love the SCA!

I have absolutely no time to write right now; I have to meet down in the hotel lobby in 10 minutes with all my stuff to head off to Salmon-Challis National Forest for the next six months! But some quick highlights of the past week:

1. An awesome, awesome speech by author Victor Villasenor during an otherwise boring statewide conference. It was by far the best speech I've ever heard and should be mandatory at college graduations across the country. I laughed, I cried, I wiggled my butt. I'll read his books later and get back to ya.

2. Also during the state conference, we had to sign up for service learning projects, and mine was working at the Boise Zoo to construct porcupine habitat. We got a behind the scenes tour of the zoo, got up close with the giant tortoise, and took home a quill from an African porcupine!!

3. Yesterday, we were signed up to volunteer at an Earthday event and only worked for a couple hours in the morning, then had the entire afternoon off to sit in the sunshine, drink local beers and listen to music. And when the sun set, we danced our asses off.
4. The city of Boise rocks.
Sorry for the lack of posts, of detail, of pictures, etc. We've been sooo busy and running on very little sleep and now I'm in a huge rush!
I'll post more later; we should have internet up at the base site. I am absolutely ready for 6 months of adventure!!

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  1. If Mr.tortis was a ceramic ornament, I would so move him on you. Anyways thats an incredible photo kid! Put some more up. I miss you terribly!