Thursday, March 19, 2009

Packin' up

The front yard:

A week from tomorrow is my last day at my first real job!! I can't believe it. And last night I started packing for real. I thought I was prepared, and now it's all happening so fast!
I'm super excited to go, but for those of you who never visited East Hill Road, it was truly a magical place and I'll be so, so sad to leave it. Especially because I never got to spend a summer there, and I bet the summers are beautiful.

Ode to East Hill

When first I moved to East Hill Road,
My shower held a large brown toad;
And all around were buzzing flies,
With sticky feet and bulging eyes.
The chimney often spewed out ash,
The front door had no lock or latch,
The internet did often crash,
And the smelly water gave a rash.
(Not really)
Yet resolutely I pressed on.

I worked and cleaned ‘til my knees gave out
To bleach the sinks and scrub the grout;
To kill the flies ‘til they were dead,
Chop the wood and fill the shed.
And just when I thought my work was through,
I put up my feet, with naught to do
I surveyed the hills and beautiful view...
But God had a laugh cuz I was a foo’...
Now I’m packin’ back up again.

There’s a box in the bathroom and three in the hall,
No time to languish, no time to loll.
There’s work to be done, I leave in six days!
My house is a jumble, my mind’s in a haze.
I have a to-do list as long as my arm
No time for wine or hot chicken parm
I must say goodbye to sweet East Hill Farm.

hahahah.... ok, I know. No comments. But I'm bored at work, and Jay and I are going to Burlington to see Deep Banana Blackout tonight, so I'm antsy too!

Here are some more pictures from East Hill:

Lydia's sheep: Peppy:
The old sauna on a foggy day:

The road home:

Awww.... :)

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